Easily The Worst Road Rage We've Seen

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It's not road rage, it's Russia

We've seen some pretty bad road rage videos here especially videos from Russia. We should point out that you shouldn't interpret this to mean that road rage is an especially bad problem in Russia, just that dash cams are in practically every car, so everything is recorded all the time. This incident was recorded with just such a dash cam and it is the most insane thing we've ever seen. We're not even certain it's road rage, we're just assuming. One thing is for sure, they picked the wrong guy to piss off.

Whatever the reason for this outburst, perhaps think twice before the next time you want to cut someone off. Unless you want to brush up on your Russian skills, skip ahead to the 3:00 minute mark.

Check the 30 second mark to see a Russian give a great flying drop kick to the wrong guy, then jump to 2:00 where a ridiculous ambulance appears to take away the wounded. If this was the ambulance to take us away after getting shot, we would think much more than twice before cutting someone off.

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