Eastern Europe Wins When It Comes To The Camry

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Eastern Europe wil be getting a 2012 Camry which is much more attractive than ours, jealous?

Images which have come from Toyota's Ukrainian website show that the 2012 Camry which will be sold Eastern Europe and parts of Asia is clearly a more attractive vehicle than the one we'll be getting in North America. Toyota generally tries to keep the North American Camry from being too pretty, the worry being that if it gets too nice, it will take sales away from the more expensive, but still Camry-based, Lexus ES, a reasonable fear.

Toyota is apparently less worried about this happening in Eastern Europe, and the Camry that will be sold there has several obvious ES design features. Powertrain options are the same for both versions of the Camry, and the interiors will probably also be identical, so the differences seem to just be aesthetic. There is one way to look at this where North America didn't get the shaft. Since the ES is already several years old, and is slated to be replaced, the Eastern European design is essentially a hand-me-down, while North America has its own design. Of course, they still have a prettier Toyota.

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