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Sales on the popular auction website continue to boom, with the Ford Mustang being the most widely sold model for 2012.

There isn't a car enthusiast out there who hasn't spent at least some time scrolling through eBay Motors in search of a great or rare find. Trust us, it can become highly addictive. Along with all of the unusual and unique cars that are displayed on the popular online auction site, there are still a few models that are noticeably more popular than others. As 2012 wraps up, eBay Motors has announced the most popular makes and models that have gone up for auction over the past year.

Unsurprisingly, the Big Three automakers in Detroit occupy the top three brand spots, with Mercedes-Benz and Toyota taking fourth and fifth places, respectively. But the most popular models are purely all-American. Without further ado, the most popular model sold on eBay Motors for 2012 was the Ford Mustang, followed by the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro. Coming in at the number four and five spots were the Ford F-250 and F-150. The most popular states where eBay Motors sales occurred were California, Florida and Texas. A total of $3.7 billion in car and parts sales was reported in Quarter 3 alone, so it's clear that plenty of people use eBay Motors regularly.

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