Ecclestone: Even with Two Races, F1 Won’t be Big in America


Bernie Ecclestone is skeptical, or perhaps realistic, when he says F1 won’t grow in the US.

As the American Grand Prix fate still hangs in the balance, Bernie Ecclestone has expressed doubt whether one or two annual events can generate enough interest in F1 in America that can also create sufficient commercial success. Speaking to Al Jazeera network Ecclestone replied "no" when asked whether F1 will be big in America. "We've got a maximum of two races in America and when you consider the country is as big as Europe and we've got several races in Europe, it's difficult.

If we had a lot more races there and a lot more television it would be okay." However, that is not diminishing Ecclestone's efforts to return to Central and South America. Now there are two more venues in line waiting for Ecclestone's approval: one in Mexico which hosted its last GP race 19 years ago, and one in Argentina that hosted its last Grand Prix 15 years ago. The Mexican effort seems to be further along as the Argentinean race would be held on a new circuit that's still being constructed 50 miles north of Buenos Aires. Mexican motorsport authorities are expecting to host an F1 race in 2013 or 2014.

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