Economy Improving? Signs Point to Nearly 2 Million Pickups Sold

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A potentially good sign for the economy and the auto industry.

For the first time since 2007, the sales of pickup trucks is reaching close to 2 million units. Although this is still a relatively low number compared to the 3 million units that were sold before the country went into recession, it's still an optimistic number given that the current national gas price average is $3.48. analysts believe that the increase in demand is primarily caused by the need for commercial use by tradesmen in thriving sectors like construction, energy and agriculture.


The top sellers in the market are Ford's F series with roughly 500,000 units sold, followed by Chevy Silverado (328,269), Ram 1500 (234,642), GMC Sierra (122,232) and Toyota Tacoma (110,293). The full size pickup, a continously competitive class, saw upgrades in 2013 of models from GM, Ram and Toyota. The following year potentially holds even greater promise for pickup sales with Ford releasing its next generation F-150 and Nissan unveiling the next edition of the Titan line.

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