Edinburgh Happenings: Ferrari 458 Italia Wrecked in Scotland

What happens when a Ferrari 458 Italia goes three times the speed limit in front of a local school? It crashes 90mph into a Land Rover.

Edinburgh, Scotland has finally made the CarBuzz news, just not for the right reasons. A Ferrari driver thought it would be a blast to take his 458 Italia on a joy ride right in front of a school, tripling the posted 30mph speed limit. Well, for those of us who crushed math class in high school, we know that running 90mph into a Land Rover can only bode unwell for your $225,000 Italian supercar.

We aren't going to yell "Won't somebody please think of the children?" like Helen Lovejoy (Simpsons, anyone?), but we will say that when you take out your 4.5-liter V8 powered supercar, at least use some common sense as to where you are going to run it. These photos depict the outcome of a failed life choice shot by those who passed by the scene of the crash. We are pretty sure there is someone in the background doing his best Nelson impersonation, pointing and saying "HA HA." The crash occurred on Queensferry Road, and you can see the airbags still deployed.

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