Edmunds Vies Stingray to Porsche Cayman S

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Is the new Corvette Stingray the best car in the world?

One is a front-engined V8-powered American-built sports car. The other is German-built with a flat-six positioned smartly in the middle. Not exactly similar cars, but, as you'll see in the video, the new Corvette Stingray and Porsche Cayman S have very similar performance numbers when it comes to 0-60 mph launches, slalom and quarter-mile times and the like. Edmunds has recently pitted the new Vette against the SRT Viper and Nissan GT-R Track Edition.

And like these high-performance vehicles the Porsche Cayman S is not exactly a direct rival to the Vette, but it's interesting to see how it compares nonetheless.

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