Edo Enzo ZXX Tears Up the Autobahn

Over a year after it was submerged in a saltwater lake, the Ferrari Enzo ZXX by Edo Competition is back to doing what it does best: going fast and making noise.

The one-off Ferrari Enzo, dubbed the Edo Competition ZXX, is finally up and running. It was recently spotted flexing its muscles on the Autobahn. The deafening 950-horsepower monster has been resurrected by Edo Competition for ZR Exotics owner Zahir Rana, after it crashed into a saltwaker lake in Canada in 2011. The tuning firm carried out the restoration, removing the saltwater and damaged parts, before applying a similar set of upgrades and styling mods it had prior to the accident.

The new build boasts a FXX-style rear spoiler, new rear skirts and set of rear LEDs, as well as ZXX upgrades in the form of a new hand-fabricated aluminum front bumper, an upgraded 950-hp engine, side air vents, LED front lights and a bespoke interior.

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