Eibach And Giacuzzo Design Tune The Dacia Duster

Tuning specialists Eibach and Giacuzzo Design have teamed to make the Dacia Duster a bit more interesting. Instead of going all out in performance and styling, the tuners went with simpler modifications in order for it to remain affordable. Eibach started off by fitting the car with their Pro-Kit Performance Springs, which lower the ride height by some 30mm. The goal was to improve handling and to give the small SUV a more aggressive stance.

From this point, Giacuzzo Design took over with some additions of their own. They began with a set of 20-inch Stark wheels from Alutec and painted black and white rims. Up front, there's a polished stainless steel bull bar that's supposedly "constructed to provide optimum pedestrian protection." We're not sure how it does that exactly, but it does give the Duster a nice sort of off-roading look. The same type of stainless steel bars were also fitted to the rocket panels along with the lower rear bumper, which has also been outfitted with a double-end rear muffler. No pricing has been announced.

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