Either This Is Viral Marketing Or Someone's Ex Is Really, Really Not Happy


Either way it has our attention.

One way to get back at a cheating ex is to destroy their car. Your emotional pain takes on a physical form, that of a battered and abused automobile. We don’t recommend doing this (obviously) but can’t argue that it is an effective and immature way to mourn a loved lost. A Range Rover owner may or may not have been the victim of a jealous ex’s can of spray paint in London recently. The all-white Range Rover, customized by luxury tuning house Revere London, has spray painted messages all over its exterior.

These include “hope she was worth it” and “cheater!” Now the car naturally attracted a crowd and when its owner came back to retrieve it he was reportedly red-faced and quickly sped off. Oh, damn, what a crazy ex, right?! Maybe, but not so fast. Apparently Revere London is around the corner from where this car was parked and vandalized. That makes us (and many others) think this wasn’t the work of an ex-lover but of a marketing team trying to create a viral story. Judging by all the photos on Instagram and the fact that this article exists we’d say the stunt was a success. Photos by Instagram users @watchanish, @supercarsofmanchester, @tygertholstrup, @london_bts, @kieronharris7 and @sisters_not_twinns.

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