Eleanor Shelby GT500 Mustang For Sale in Germany

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Rare car comes complete with a rare car price.

Europe has some pretty serious muscle car fans, and Germany is home to perhaps some of the most rabid of them. Supporting this idea is an Eleanor Shelby GT500 Mustang which just went up for sale there. Muscle cars are far rarer in Europe, so this is sure to be one of only a few Eleanors on the whole continent. Although it might not be wearing the exact classic color scheme, it is otherwise perfect, right down to the "GO BABY GO" button.

The car was built by Classic Recreations, which is definitely who you want building your Eleanor Mustang. It has the Super Snake package, which means 770 horsepower from the 464cu-in (7.6 liters) V8. And in addition to its rarity, it has just 455 miles (730 km) on the clock. The price, as you'd expect from all of this, is pretty damn high. It comes in at €490,000 ($673,000), although this is only about half of what the actual car from the Gone in Sixty Seconds movie went for earlier this year. It's still quite a magnificent car, and it will make some muscle car fanatic uber happy.

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