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Electric All-Wheel-Drive Coming To Cadillac, Starting With V Cars And Crossovers

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It could spread all the way over to Chevrolet.

Cadillac has been doing well against its German rivals when it comes to luxury and driving enjoyment, and doing very well when it comes to raw horsepower. But when it comes to electrification, the wreath and crest is far behind BMW, and, for that matter, behind everybody in the area of all-wheel-drive. But it seems that Cadillac has plans for both of those areas, and is working to develop an electric AWD system for use first in its V cars and crossovers.

The system is a form of hybrid propulsion, whereby the gasoline engine powers the rear wheels only and the front wheels are driven by electricity. A similar kind of system (albeit with diesel instead of gasoline) was used in Audi's R18 race car to win Le Mans back in June. It is a performance-oriented system, and has a chance of making onto the Camaro and some form of Corvette as well. That said, it's still a long way from being ready. Retrofitting an existing platform for this kind of drivetrain would be very difficult, so it won't be until the next generation of V cars when we see it.

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