Electric Chrysler 300 Replacement Already Previewed To Dealers

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Insiders claim the newcomer will don a sleek and sophisticated fastback body style.

After many years of service, the Chrysler 300 is finally being retired. Stellantis is reportedly working on an all-electric replacement that will arrive in the coming years, and it seems the American automaker has already previewed the new sedan to a select audience. According to Mopar Insiders, several Chrysler dealers have been treated to an early look.

The electric successor was reportedly shown off at a dealer conference in Las Vegas. Insiders suggest the newcomer will eschew the sinister, slab-sided lines of the 300 in favor of a sleek, fastback body style. The new Chrysler reportedly resembles the silhouette (pictured below) shown during the Stellantis EV Day 2021 presentation.

Participating dealers claim the electric Chrysler sedan is similar in size to the Charger Daytona, Dodge's battery-powered muscle car concept. Moreover, it appears the Chrysler shares the same hatchback design, suggesting the two will share parts and utilize the same STLA Large architecture.


Dodge's first electric vehicle will arrive in 2024, with the Chrysler following two years later. It will be interesting to see whether the 300 nomenclature survives the electric era, but we expect Chrysler will want a fresh start as it enters the world of electrification.

In base forms, the Dodge/Chrysler electric duo will offer power outputs ranging between 201 and 442 horsepower, which should suit the needs of most customers, but the platform can already accommodate up to 1,000 hp for potential range-toppers.

The fastback sedan previewed here may be the last of its kind. In February, Chrysler's Chris Feuell told CarBuzz that the automaker might exit the segment entirely. "A lot of customers have migrated to other segments because of the practical package efficiency of SUVs and crossovers," he said. "We haven't ruled out the possibility of a large sedan, but Dodge already captures over 50% of the sedan market."


But as the Tesla Model 3 has shown us, there's still a market for electric sedans in this world. If that weren't the case, Volkswagen wouldn't have introduced the new ID. 7, and BMW wouldn't sell any i4 Gran Coupes. It would be interesting to see what segment the new Chrysler electric sedan enters, as the manufacturer has always catered to customers who favor larger vehicles.

A mainstream, full-sized vehicle could be successful. Not everyone wants an SUV, and the only large electric sedans come from premium brands and carry hefty price tags. Whatever the case, the forthcoming Chrysler EV will likely take design inspiration from the Airflow concept, first revealed in 2022.

Hopefully, this is the electric shot in the arm that Chrysler needs. With the 300 out of the way, the weight of the company rests on the shoulders of the Pacifica, and while it's a good product, a minivan can only do so much.

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