Electric Dodge Challenger Will Start A New Muscle Car Era

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Dodge's first battery-electric muscle car is coming in 2024.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock couldn't be further removed from an electric car. This drag strip king makes all kinds of demonic noises as it churns out over 800 horsepower, and is subject to a $2,100 gas guzzler tax, making it only as "green" as the F8 paint it can be finished in. But Stellantis has big electrification plans over the next few years and these will include an electric Dodge muscle car. This means that the future Dodge Challenger is likely to be faster but a lot quieter than the coupe we enjoy today.

Based on some very shadowy teasers from the recent Stellantis EV Day, it's not absolutely clear whether Dodge's first electric muscle car will be a Challenger, a Charger sedan, or something else, but when it comes to fast Dodges, the Challenger still comes to mind first.


Our render artist combined the recent teasers of an electric Dodge with the existing Challenger to imagine what this coupe could look like once it replaces supercharged V8s with battery packs and electric motors. While the profile is the same, the details are different; the classic rounded headlights are replaced by a signature lighting element that runs across the entire width of the body. Another unique touch is the triangular illuminated logo that resembles the Fratzog design used in the 1960s and 1970s.

As for what could lie under the skin, we know that one of the new electric platforms from Stellantis - the STLA Large platform - will underpin all-wheel-drive performance and American muscle cars.


A move to AWD for an electric Challenger wouldn't be a surprise with the likely extra power from electric motors. Stellantis says this platform will offer a range of up to 500 miles and fast-charging capability of 20 miles of range per minute. New electric drive modules will provide over 400 horsepower each at their most powerful, so it's feasible that a dual-motor Challenger EV could be as powerful as today's Super Stock model. What remains to be seen is if Dodge can create the same sensation of a noisy V8 in a zero-emission muscle car.

The first battery-electric muscle car from Dodge is expected to arrive in 2024, seemingly before an electric version of the Ford Mustang.

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