Electric Ford Mustang Would Be The Ultimate Tesla Fighter

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A four-door 'Stang? Bring it on.

The all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E will arrive in dealerships in the coming months and it'll be controversial from the get-go, at least for long-time Mustang enthusiasts. While it has Mustang-like styling, the ultimate question that needs to be answered is whether or not it drives like the beloved pony car. Its all-electric drivetrain is only part of the equation. But the Mach-E also opens the door for a potential greater expansion of the Mustang nameplate.

Why not a Mustang sedan, for example? If Ford can completely alter the body style and give it a raised ride height, why can't it receive a second set of doors? Combined with the battery-electric setup, this could be a very tempting idea. Bear in mind that all-electric sedans are quickly becoming a thing. Aside from the Tesla Model S, there's the new Porsche Taycan and upcoming Audi e-tron GT and Mercedes EQS. The next-generation Jaguar XJ will also switch to an all-electric powertrain. Why can't America enter the fray?

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

That's exactly what graphic artist Emre Husmen asked himself, so he created what could be the next phase of the Mustang's development.

Presenting the proposed Mustang Mach-F, an all-electric sedan which, in our opinion, looks even better than the Taycan and Model S. With its fastback styling, Mustang headlight and taillights, muscular rear haunches, and a front grille similar to that of the Mach E, the final design looks fantastic. There have been some recent rumors claiming Ford is seriously considering such a sedan despite the fact it recently discontinued its entire North American sedan lineup. But an all-electric Mustang sedan would be a very different proposition. It would become the world's first muscle car-inspired EV sedan.

Emre Husmen
Emre Husmen

Even the steering wheel design Husmen cooked up looks the part. We especially like the Start/Stop fingerprint ID just below the centered Mustang logo. Ford has made it clear with the Mach-E it isn't afraid of taking chances when the circumstances and the vehicle itself are deemed right. The Mustang Mach-F you're looking at would complement the Mach-E perfectly.

It could also help ensure a smoother transition to what we all know what'll eventually happen: an all-electric Mustang coupe and convertible.

Front Angle View Ford
Side View Ford
Rear Angle View Ford
Source Credits: Emre Husmen

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