Electric Mercedes Benz LeMans Concept is a Masterful Design

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As the electric race car craze sweeps through auto-design circles, we are seeing more and more stunning designs.

Auto-designers across the world are battling it out to come up with the most audacious electric race car concept, and this stunning design is borne of the desire to create an electric race car that can tackle the grueling 24 Hours Le Mans event. Lightweight and quick, the concept features four electric engines, one for each wheel, which power the carbon-fiber spaceship-style chassis. Wide skirting and large spoilers maximizes aerodynamic impact and stability.

Two cooling intake ducts on the hood have been added to help reduce overheating, and the iconic Mercedes-Benz identity is reinforced by including wide grille featuring the brand's logo and two wings on the front spoilers. The most noteworthy design feature however is the glass-wrapped cabin reminiscent of a fighter jet minus a roof. Any loss in aerodynamics, insists the Italian-based Turkish designer Ozgun Culam, is compensated by the wraparound form of the extended windscreen.

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