Electric Mini Moke Arrives In America In Limited Numbers With $41,900 Price Tag

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Just 325 examples will be made available each year.

Fashionable sun-seekers were delighted when Moke International announced the return of the delightful Mini Moke to America. After a 40-year absence, buyers can finally order the electrified icon, which will retail from $41,900. That's a lot of money for a weekend toy, but it will, at least, be exclusive - the company plans to shift just 325 examples per annum on the American market.

If you're interested, Moke International is taking orders via its new US website. All that's required is a refundable fee of $990, but buyers had better act quickly. In keeping with the 2015 Low Volume Motor Vehicles Act, the company cannot import more than 325 vehicles yearly.

Moke International Moke International Moke International

"The interest in the Electric Moke Californian since we announced its return has been huge, although perhaps not surprising considering how popular the original car was," said CEO Isobel Dando. "We are thrilled to be able to offer American customers a genuine Moke vehicle once again."

The Californian derivative will remain exclusive to the American market. 0 to 34 mph is dispatched in 4.3 seconds - thanks to a heady 44 horsepower - and should prove more than enough for a leisurely coastal cruise. With a range of up to 80 miles, Moke International says it can easily travel from Malibu Beach to Santa Barbara.

Moke International Moke International Moke International

Despite the diminutive size, the Electric Moke is pricier than both the Mini Cooper Convertible ($33,800) and the Mini Cooper Hardtop Electric ($34,225). While both are more practical vehicles, neither of the modern Minis can match the Moke in terms of charm or desirability.

This isn't just some poorly designed replica, either. The boutique automaker owns the original Moke trademark, so its products are genuine Moke vehicles. All units are hand-built in the United Kingdom, with the exclusive Californian models receiving specially designed Moke logos and exclusive design cues.

Moke International Moke International Moke International

It's destined to become the must-have fashion accessory among the coastal elite. It does face opposition, however, in the form of the equally cool Meyers Manx Electric 2.0. With 200 hp, it's notably more powerful than the Moke and should prove more capable as a beach vehicle. Pricing isn't available yet, but the company is accepting orders for the electrified beach buggy.

Vehicles like the Electric Moke Californian are becoming increasingly popular. While it goes in an entirely different direction (design-wise, at least), the Savage Rivale Coastrunner EV is also aimed at wealthy seaside dwellers. It's far more modern, but it will appeal to those who want a unique runabout for summer days.

Moke International Moke International Moke International

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