Electric Restomod 911 Carrera RS Is A Subtle Beauty

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Phenomenal looking, but we would miss that flat-six thrum.

In recent years, restomodding has increased in popularity amongst classic car aficionados. While it remains a contentious topic - purists are vehemently against it - the idea of modernizing or updating a classic car is appealing to many enthusiasts. Establishments such as Singer and Eagle have gained immense popularity for their incredible creations, and with the world turning to electrification, we're seeing more classic cars turned into EVs.

The latest Porsche restomod comes from Voitures Extravert, a Dutch company specializing in EV conversions. Officially titled the quintessenza RS. Based on the legendary Porsche 911 Carrera RS of the mid-70s, the Dutch have equipped the classic German sports car with a slew of modern updates, but none more attention-grabbing than a 304-horsepower electric powertrain.

Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert

That output arrives courtesy of an in-house-developed motor called the 'ssenza 700', with the number referring to the 700 Nm or 516 lb-ft of torque it generates. Unlike the original Carrera RS, the motor in this is even water-cooled. According to Voitures, this is the most powerful car they've ever created, boasting a 20% power increase over the standard quintessenza, the company's original electric 911, pictured below.

Performance specs for the RS haven't been detailed, however, the standard model hits 62 mph in under six seconds, has a claimed 250-mile range with a 59kWh battery, and weighs 3,075 lbs. It's fast-charge-capable, too, recouping 62 miles of range in just 15 mins.

The brakes have been updated to modern standards, both larger and more effective than the donor 911. The uprated brakes work in tandem with the bespoke Electronic Magnetic Control suspension, a magnetorheological adaptive suspension setup that lets the driver tailor how the suspension behaves. The softly sprung setup provides maximum ride comfort without sacrificing handling or driver enjoyment but has been tuned to not collapse or roll too much around corners.

Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert

Whatever you may think of the electric conversion, there's no denying the Quintessenza RS is extraordinarily beautiful. The baby blue paintwork, paired with those polished Fuchs rims, Carrera decal, and signature RS ducktail spoiler, all add up to create something truly special.

Each model takes nine months to restore by hand, as the cars are stripped down to the chassis before being lovingly rebuilt. No price is mentioned, but we suspect it differs per build as the customer specifies what exactly they want, and it likely hinges on you supplying your own classic 911. While some may lament the lack of a flat-six or the joy of rowing your own gears, some may love the classic styling and zero-emissions motoring that allows their classic to live on for decades more.

Martijn van Dijk, commercial director of Voitures extravert, explains: "The original is arguably the best ever made. However, you never see them on the road today. Owners rather keep them stored as prized assets rather than colouring the streets around them. That's exactly why we introduced the quintessenza RS."

Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert Voitures Extravert

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