Electric Restomod Porsche 911s Will Soon Be Built In The USA

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Everrati Automotive has partnered with a specialist manufacturer to supply battery-powered classics to rich enthusiasts.

Everrati Automotive is well-known for its left-field restorations. While purists may pull their noses up at the idea of a battery-powered classic car, there's clearly a demand. Company CEO Justin Lunny notes demand for electrified Porsche 911s has skyrocketed, courtesy of "sustainability-conscious Millennials and Gen-Zs." Last year, in response to the market's insatiable appetite, the company announced a retail expansion into North America.

Following that, Everrati has now announced a strategic partnership with California-based Aria Group, a specialist in low-volume manufacturing. This collaboration will meet the great demand for classic Porsche EVs. "Everrati's products, such as the redefined Porsche 911 (964), set new standards for electrified iconic vehicles and we are excited to be playing a key role in the company's expansion into the US market," said Aria Group's President and CEO, Clive Hawkins.

Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati

Everrati has said Aria Group's extensive experience singled the American company out as the ideal partner. A glance at the company's resume confirms Everrati's decision. Previously, the low-volume manufacturer has designed vehicles for both Singer and Radford Motors, playing a large role in creating the exquisite Type 62-2.

With this announcement, Everrati Automotive is poised to do great things stateside. Not only will the small-scale company gain a larger footprint, but will also be able to shorten delivery times and meet demand. Porsche fans may miss the signature thrum of the iconic flat-six powertrain, but there's no denying the performance on offer.

Courtesy of a high-power battery pack, the Signature wide-body has 500 horsepower and around 369 lb-ft of torque at its disposal. This allows the electrified classic to hit 62 mph in less than four seconds and travel up to 200 miles between charges.

Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati

The company's creations may lack an engine, but they aren't devoid of driving pleasure. Everrati emphasizes driver engagement and works hard to preserve the original feel of the electrified classic cars, whether it's a 911 (964) or a W113 Pagoda SL. The company can also offer customers electrified versions of the Ford GT40 and Land Rover Series IIA.

If none of the classic cars in Everrati's lineup pique your interest, there are any number of specialist restoration specialists that will supply you with the electric motorcar of your dreams. Lunaz Design will be all too happy to produce a battery-powered Range Rover Classic, Rolls Royce Phantom V, or Jaguar XK120 - provided you have the wherewithal.

Priced at around $326,000, the electric Range Rover isn't for the fainthearted. Traditionalists may hate it, but this is the ideal way of preserving more common classics while adapting them for use in the future.

Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati

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