Electric Trees Could Be The Tech Tesla Is Looking For

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Grow it, and they shall come.

The future of EVs in America is intrinsically tied to the nation's ability to meet the growing demand for charging networks. President Biden has already made big promises, and major manufacturers are spending billions on expanding charging networks across the country, but Tesla got their first with its Supercharger network which charges vehicles such as the Model 3 at impressive rates. To keep customers happy, the company has been dabbling with portable superchargers and also promises vastly improved range from its new batteries, and SolarBotanic's new solar chargers could be the next piece in Tesla's EV puzzle.


SolarBotanic's new range of 'solar trees' promises to change how EV charging stations work and could be effectively incorporated into Tesla's Supercharger network and even its Powerwall products. SolarBotanic's solar trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also super efficient. According to the company, one tree offers enough energy to power a three-room house, with excess power being sold back to the main grip. SolarBotanic says that its trees can charge your EV too, and it is perfect for microgrids and commercial car parks.


The benefit for companies such as Tesla is the fact that these solar trees are fully integrated and scalable, which means you can create your own 'forest' of trees to power a neighborhood supercharging station or series of homes. These trees are also flexible to climate conditions, and their use of nano-leaves and piezoelectric ribbons means that energy is created and stored come rain or shine.

SolarBotanic trees are light and robust, which means they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are supplied as a kit ready for quick installation. The first v01 variant is expected to produce a total of 5 kW of power, and the V02 version will store all excess power in an attached battery back, similar to the Tesla Powerwall.


These solar trees could not come at a better time: demand for charging stations is at an all-time high, and in states like California, officials are begging EV owners not to charge their cars during peak hours to prevent power cuts. On top of that, many major manufacturers are catching up with Tesla, and the company has begun experimenting with opening up its charging stations to other brands to bolster its bottom line. These little power palms could be the key to increasing overall capacity. The idea will start growing elsewhere if Tesla doesn't grab the opportunity.


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