Electric Video: FondTech Introduces Formula E Electric E-11

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Italian aerodynamics firm FondTech introduces the Formula E Electric E-11 racer.

Late last week, Italian aerodynamic consultancy firm FondTech has released its electric single-seat Formula E racer, dubbed the E-11. And it's not just some other EV race car concept. It is, in fact, the creation of ex-Ferrari F1 team aerodynamicist Jean-Claude Migeot. FondTech says that its battery-powered E-11 can compete against the performance of today's Formula Three vehicles over a 20 minute time span on any circuit in the world.

FondTech achieves these results due to the E-11's ultra-low drag efficiency with high mechanical grip, which comes courtesy of the E-11's Migeot four-wheel-drive setup. According to the Italian firm, the batteries are installed deep inside of the car's chassis in order to prevent safety-related issues in the event of a serious accident.

The E-11 will have its on-track debut this coming January and FondTech says that ithould be ready to compete in the Formula E starting sometime in 2013.

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