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Electric Volkswagen Golf to Hit US in 2014 Named ‘E-Golf’

It seems VW are looking to scrap the mealy-mouthed ‘blue-e-motion’ moniker in favor of something a lot more palatable.

VW dubbed the electric powertrain for the E-Bugster concept they introduced a couple of months ago 'blue-e-motion,' and at the time there was talk of a Golf blue-e-motion. An electric VW Golf has been in the pipeline for some time now, and it appears that one will go on sale in Europe as early as 2013 as a 2014MY, and come to the US the following year. This delay is due to it being based on the seven-gen Golf that won't hit US markets until 2013.

The next Golf is set to utilize the VW Group's MQB modular architecture, which has been designed to house plug-in hybrid gear as well as a full-electric drivetrain. A PHEV Golf is thus a distinct possibility too. According to Car and Driver, the name being used for the electric Golf is the 'E-Golf,' which sits a lot nicer than the initial proposed moniker of 'Golf blue-e-motion.' It is likely to use a powertrain similar to the Golf Blue e-motion concept from 2010, so an electric motor producing around 115hp and 199lb-ft of torque. The concept (pictured) also offered a 93-mile driving range and a top speed of 87mph.

As well as looking and sounding better, the 'E' prefix aligns better with offerings such as the E-Up! which is set to hit European showrooms in 2013, but like the rest of the Up! lineup won't be coming stateside.

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