Electrify America Chargers Coming To TravelCenters Of America

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The duo have announced a partnership that will see 1,000 charging stations established at 200 TA locations across the country.

Electrify America and TravelCenters of America have partnered up to establish more electric vehicle chargers across the country.

Over the next five years, the companies aim to install 1,000 charging stations at 200 locations, with TravelCenters of America expected to purchase DC fast chargers from the EV infrastructure firm. These charging stations will be deployed at selected TA and Petro locations with the aim of adding convenience to the lives of electric vehicle drivers.

The first stations are expected to be up in running later this year, with Electrify America managing the entire process. Customers who are already on the network can simply use the app to pay for charging at the new TravelCenters locations.

The charging giant says the new stations will be open to nearly all types of electric vehicles and will be capable of delivering up to 350 kW to certain vehicles.

Electrify America

As the nation's largest publicly-traded full-service travel center network, TravelCenters of America knows it needs to appeal to EV owners, especially as the segment gains popularity.

The idea is simple. You arrive in your Chevrolet Bolt or BMW iX, charge your vehicle and go off to enjoy the amenities on offer. This includes Wi-Fi, restrooms, and 24/7 customer support. What's more, these charging locations will be situated close to frequently used highways, giving EV owners the confidence to embark on long-distance journeys.

"TA's large locations with expansive amenities are attractive to EV motorists and we are committed to expanding our EV charging infrastructure to accommodate this growing number of EV drivers over time," said TravelCenters of America CEO, Jon Pertchik, "Our agreement with best-in-class Electrify America provides an unmatched offering of excellence in locations, service, support."

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Initiatives like this are just one of many aimed at accommodating electric vehicle owners. Starbucks, together with Volvo and ChargePoint, announced last year that they would install 60 DC fast chargers along a 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle. The charge points would all be placed at Starbucks franchises and, while it's not as big as the Electrify America project, every bit helps.

Shell, one of the world's biggest oil and gas companies, recently acquired shares in Volta, leading many to believe the London-headquartered giant is looking to move into the EV charging sphere. It would make sense, especially as the world slowly pivots towards electric vehicles.

The lack of charging infrastructure, coupled with range anxiety, are among the leading reasons why people are hesitant to adopt EVs. Initiatives like this will make it easier for those who would like to make the switch but haven't been able to so far.

Electrify America

These concerns may soon be a thing of the past, especially with the recent government interventions.

In the coming years, the Biden Administration will invest $900 million into improving the existing charging infrastructure, building more charging locations, and reaching isolated areas where EV ownership isn't even considered. The hefty investment will see chargers spring up across 75,000 miles of American highways.

This is all part of a larger goal to establish 500,000 charging stations across the country by 2030. By then, there will be far more electric vehicles on the road, so who knows whether the infrastructure will be up to the job of catering to future EV owners. With any luck, more private companies will also establish charging centers and, hopefully, eradicate problems like range anxiety and poor infrastructure entirely.

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