Electrify America Is Raising Its Charging Prices

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Driving all-electric cars is getting more and more expensive.

Volkswagen-owned charging network Electrify America has announced it's raising charges both per kilowatt and per minute of charging (how charging is billed depends on location). The new pricing goes into effect on March 6 and brings Electrify America's rates from $0.43 to $0.48 per kilowatt and $0.16 to $0.19 for up to 90 kWh charging, or $0.32 to $0.37 for up to 350 kW charging.

While the price increase doesn't look drastic, that's just over an 11.5% increase, so if it currently costs you $35 to go from single digits to a 100 percent charge on a road trip, it will now cost just over $39. For per-minute charging, it's an increase of 19 percent for up to 90 kWh and 16 percent for 90 to 350 kWh.

Electrify America

"Now more than ever, it pays to upgrade to a Pass+ membership," Electrify America says. "Even if you only charge twice a month, you can still benefit from a savings of about 25% on charging."

Pass+ members will now be charged $0.36 per kWh, which is the same $0.05 increase plus the $4.00 per-year membership cost. That works out as a 16.1 percent increase, despite the lower rate. The membership upgrade gets you $0.15 per minute for up to 90 kW charging and $0.29 per minute for 90-350 kW charging.

Electrify America

"We've tried hard to maintain our current pricing, but rising operational and energy costs have now made adjusting our pricing necessary." says Electrify America, "We shall continue to maintain simple, uniform pricing across the country, and this adjustment ensures we can uphold our commitment to drive electric vehicle adoption and the future of electric mobility."

The bright side we see here is that Electrify America is still consistent with its pricing rather than looking for the cost that the market will bear. Some other networks, such as California's ChargePoint, are variable as they allow the station owner to set the price. We recently found ourselves, for example, paying $49 to charge a Genesis GV60 from 38 percent to 92 percent at 190 kWh at an Evgo station in Los Angeles.

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