Electrify America Takes A Huge Step Forward

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Finding your nearest EV charger just got a lot easier.

Volkswagen Group's Electrify America currently has more than 650 charging stations and installed in America. By the end of this year, VW Group will increase the number of chargers in the US and Canada to 1,800. Ultimately, the goal is to have as many as 10,000 chargers installed by 2025.

To help locate the nearest charging station, Electrify America offers a dedicated smartphone app, but it isn't very convenient to use while driving. Thankfully, Electrify America is finally offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support for the mobile app.

Electrify America
Hyundai/Electrify America

This is a huge step forward to make the charging network more accessible, though we're surprised it's taken Electrify America this long to offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support since the network was established in 2016. By allowing drivers to access the Electrify America mobile app through the infotainment system in electric cars like the Volkswagen ID.4, finding your nearest EV charging station just got a lot easier.

"Electrify America is constantly striving to meet customers where they are and make the transition to EV driving as seamless as possible," said Brenna Corrigan, manager of the brand and digital marketing at Electrify America. "With this expanded functionality, we are integrating essential charging station navigation information right into customers' vehicles, helping them feel confident on the road."

Hyundai/Electrify America
Hyundai/Electrify America

While using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, drivers will be able to access the same features of Electrify America mobile app, but reimagined for the car. The Electrify America app was recently redesigned with improved functionality.

As well as locating charging stations, the Electrify America mobile app can be used to remotely start or stop a charging session through the infotainment screen using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay through the vehicle infotainment screen. It can also be used to access details of charging plans and pricing, including any free charging that may be included in a new vehicle purchase. The Mercedes EQS, for example, comes with two years of free charging with Electrify America, while the ID.4 comes with three years of free charging.

Electrify America
Electrify America
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