Element Has a Certain Appeal

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The Element has that sort of love it or hate it styling. Without a doubt, it looks like a box. And for many people, that's a turnoff from the start. For those willing to give it a chance, they'll be pleasantly surprised. Not only is it roomy (what box isn't), but it's aimed to appeal to young adults, in terms of styling and other conveniences. It lacks some modern features like iPod/smart phone integration with a good infotainment unit.

However, the Element continues to have mass appeal due to its value. Owners are treated to plenty of interior room that can fit all of their gear for a weekend of camping or wine country touring. Has the Element has evolved with more features, it's a fair assumption that Honda will make up for its faults in a future redesign. For the time being, the Element is a fantastic bargain that has proven popular amongst certain buyers.

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