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Elon Musk Is Reengineering The Morning Commute As We Know It

This may end the need for all snooze buttons.

Waking up groggy sucks. If you’ve ever experienced it, maybe you’ve poured coffee onto an upside down mug or let a spoon accompany your breakfast in the microwave for a fireworks show. And then somehow you’re expected to prepare yourself to be presentable and navigate a two-ton hunk of metal around thousands of other two-ton hunks of metal careening down the road at 65 mph without causing chaos. Luckily for the non-early riser who scorns “morning people,” Elon Musk has your back.

Watch how the autopilot equipped Model S will change your morning commute. It isn’t recommended that you catch extra Zs while the system is working, but who’s looking anyways?

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