Elon Musk Just Accidentally Leaked Info On Killer New Tesla Models

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An EV invasion is coming.

It's been less than a week since the Model X launched and Elon Musk is already talking future models. The Tesla CEO tweeted a confirmation that two new cars are in development, one of which is the Model 3. Now we already knew about the 3, an electric alternative to the BMW 3-Series. However, the news is the Model Y, a crossover version of the 3 for Model X fans on a budget. The other tasty tidbit is that either the Model 3 or Model Y will feature the crazy gullwing doors seen on the Model X.

In an attempt to kill the story, Musk quickly deleted the tweet, but not before screenshots were taken and curious Tesla fans began to inquire. The Model 3 is expected to be priced around $35,000, so a crossover variant shouldn't be much more expensive, say $40,000 or a bit higher. If the Model 3 and Model Y are anything like Tesla's other creations, then a low center of gravity and practicality will come standard. With the Model 3 projected to have better off-the-line performance than an M3, other automakers in love with crossovers (as in all of them) had better start worrying.

Source Credits: www.techinsider.io

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