Elon Musk Says Supercharger Network Coming To These Countries

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Owners across the world want Tesla to up its Supercharger game.

Tesla's massive Supercharger network is a huge selling point for the all-electric brand. In the United States, for example, it is now possible to travel from coast-to-coast using the Tesla Supercharger network.

While superchargers have increasingly been cropping up in various countries around the world in order to help EV drivers travel long distances, most countries don't have an extensive network, making it impossible to get the most from their Tesla. And residents have been letting Musk know via the medium of Twitter, everyone's favorite place for venting in 120 characters or less.

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A Twitter user who has a Model X on order reached out to Musk to tell him about locations near him that were lacking enough Supercharger stations: "Missing some locations out of Dublin, Ireland south towards Waterford. Badly needs some as no Ccs on that route (that works!). Any plans for more here? Should be in a model x in 2 weeks or so!" To which Musk replied, "Yes. Supercharger coverage will extend to 100% of Europe next year. From Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey."

Looking at the company's Supercharger map, Eastern Europe is lacking stations, though more will be installed very soon. Tesla will also install more Superchargers around Western Europe to help make the network even more usable.

So, what does Tesla have up its sleeve after it covers most of North America and Europe with Superchargers? In the ensuing threat of tweets, the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley asked Musk, "What about Africa?" Looking at Tesla's map, the company doesn't have any Superchargers on the continent. Even so, Musk answered with a simple "2020." Creating the infrastructure for Superchargers in Africa will be difficult but who ever accused Tesla of playing it safe?


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