Elon Musk Says Tesla Self-Driving Chip Coming In Six Months


Tesla's bold claims just keep coming.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for making big claims via Twitter. Most recently, Musk tweeted out that a software update in August would enable full self-driving functionality in its cars. It is now October, and it's not available.

If you go on Tesla's website to build a car, there's a $3,000 option for 'Full Self-Driving Capability,' which requires the $5,000 Enhanced Autopilot Package. The self-driving package can also be installed at a later time for an increased price of $5,000, but we think it is a bit silly to pay $3,000 for an option that doesn't exist yet.

But while Musk's tweet about self-driving may have been a bit premature, the Tesla boss insists it's not too far away.


Musk tweeted an update regarding when the functionality will be available. "6 months before it is in all new production cars. No change to sensors. This is a simple replacement of the Autopilot computer. Will be done free of charge for those who ordered full self-driving" said Musk in a tweet.

If Musk's tweet turns out to be true this time, we can expect to have full self-driving functionality in Tesla vehicles by May or June of 2019. Seeing as this upgrade will involve more than just a simple over-the-air software update, owners will likely have to take their cars in to have it installed.


Hopefully, Tesla has figured out its delivery issues by the time this upgrade rolls around. Tesla has struggled to simply deliver its Model 3 sedan, meaning a large number of owners bringing their cars in for an upgrade at the same time could end up being an issue. We've seen Musk promise self-driving before, so we wouldn't be surprised if this six-month waiting time ended up being longer than expected.


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