Elon Musk Wants More Hands In The Electric Car Market

Musk talks Tesla, Apple, and the future of the automobile.

The future seems uncertain to certain people, but Elon Musk is not one of them. It’s clear he has a vision of what’s to happen in the auto industry in the near future. Musk talks about Tesla, Apple, and the future of the automobile in this interview. From comparing the drivable car to the horse while also touching on Apple’s mass hiring of engineers, Musk makes apparent his desire to see the industry move forward by anyone’s hand, not just his own. He also thinks people will only want autonomous cars in the future. Oh shit.

Apparently the Model S’s price tag is not something that went ignored, as he talks about plans for the much cheaper Model 3. It’s also interesting to see how Musk viewed the future of Tesla back when he first started the company.

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