Elon Musk Wants Suggestions For The Tesla Pickup Truck

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And he's taken to Twitter for your thoughts.

So we all know Tesla is intent on doing an all-electric pickup truck which will supposedly go on sale after the Model Y crossover arrives in 2020. Because of that time gap, say around five years, Tesla is doing its homework as to what buyers want in an EV truck, and Elon Musk has taken to Twitter asking people for suggestions. The CEO, first and foremost, wrote that the pickup truck will feature "dual motor-all wheel drive with crazy torque and a suspension that dynamically adjust for loads. Those will be standard." Okay, so far so good.

Andrei Avarvarii

Musk also added the truck "will have power outlets allowing use of heavy duty 240V, high power told in field all day. No generator needed." Cool. But what else would you like for this truck to offer? Musk and Tesla want to know. Obviously it'll need to offer sufficient towing capacity, at least 9,000 pounds or so, to make it competitive with the segment leading Ford F-150 (it offers a maximum 13,200 pounds capacity). Another issue is bed length. Will the Tesla pickup be classified mid-size or full-size? What about cab sizes? These are all things we're sure Musk and his team have been mulling over. Truck owners ought to chime in as well, and the assistance could really pay off, assuming Tesla listens.

One cool idea Musk is toying with is for a tailgate capable of lowering itself to the ground for easier loading and unloading of the bed. There are so many possibilities here, so have at it (a special "box" within the bed to house one of Musk's flame throwers, perhaps??). Reach out to Musk on Twitter and be creative.

Andrei Avarvarii

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