Elon Musk Wants Teslarati To Decide On Supercharger Locations

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Sweet, sweet democracy, coming soon to an EV charging station near you.

Tesla remains the EV market leader, and with that comes the massive responsibility to provide a national charging network for its ever-expanding client base. Electrifying America's roads and providing accessible charging stations is a hot topic: manufacturers are spending billions to stake a claim in this ballooning industry, and some are getting increasingly crafty with their charging offerings.

Rivian is taking EV charging off the beaten path with its Adventure Network, as Tesla counters with Supercharger stations in Alaska and other far-flung locations. After announcing that it will open up its Supercharger network to other brands, Tesla is now looking to make its service even more accessible by allowing customers to vote for the location of new Supercharger stations. Let the fun begin.


Tesla currently has the largest EV charging network in the world, and it's rapidly expanding with an eye on high-traffic and popular customer locations. And what better way to choose new locations than with a bit of democracy?

A tweet recently posted by the official Tesla Charging account states that Supercharger voting is coming soon. "Reply with location suggestions - replies with the most likes will be included in the poll," the tweet continues.

Tesla's Supercharger network currently covers the majority of America's important hubs, but as we've seen with its Supercharger opening in Alaska, there are always smaller towns and communities that would die for a station of their own.


The offer of democracy is enticing and will surely assist Tesla in finding new and feasible locations for its ever-expanding network, but Tesla's internal team will already have pinpointed locations that are likely to be the most successful, and we all know how wrong internet voting can go. Despite the off chance of this experiment going down the internet gutter, Tesla will still be looking to grow its network, especially since it is in the process of opening up its network to other brands.

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While Tesla gets ready for the hoi polloi to dictate its next moves, other competitors are champing at the bit to grow networks of their own. General Motors is gearing up to be one of Tesla's greatest competitors in this regard, and with the Lyriq coming out to fight against the Tesla Model Y, GM is hoping that its partnership with Pilot Company and nationwide charging network of 2,000 DC fast-charging stations will be enough to stem the Tesla tide. If Tesla asks, we're voting for Booger Hole, West Virginia.


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