Elon Musk Will Bravely Host Saturday Night Live

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His detractors are ready to feast on any comedic shortcomings.

One never knows what odd statement will appear next on Elon Musk's Twitter feed or what remark will spew from his mouth next. Known for his eccentric and bold personality, Musk has had no qualms about teasing rival brands and getting under the skin of the government for a series of controversial tweets. However, it's this unpredictable nature that has made it hard to take your eyes off Musk.

The Tesla CEO will hope that these qualities serve him well when he takes on a new challenge: hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. The show in question will take place on May 8 and singer Miley Cyrus will also make an appearance.


Musk himself tweeted about the upcoming appearance this past weekend and, of course, doesn't appear to be even slightly intimidated by the prospect of seeing through the 90-minute slot. Then again, he has appeared in front of the camera before with the likes of Jay Leno, but the SNL stage is another ball game. Often, Musk's brilliance seems to come at the expense of his social skills, but he may prove us all wrong when the episode airs.

Perhaps Musk's appearance on the show will steer the conversation away from some recent Tesla vehicle troubles including a protestor in China who accused the company of some serious allegations. Notably, these included failing brakes on a Model 3 that caused a serious crash.


There was also the recent finding by Consumer Reports that a Tesla's Autopilot can be fooled into thinking that there was a driver occupying the driver's seat even if that isn't the case. Then again, controversies like these have not stopped thousands of people from buying Teslas all over the globe. Unfortunately for Musk, many social media users were quick to deride SNL for its choice of host and some immediately took aim at Musk's odd sense of humor. Regardless of whether he cracks it or not, we wouldn't be surprised to see a major ratings jump for the show on May 8.

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