Elvis' BMW 507 Sound Absolutely Incredible After All These Years


It's amazing what a BMW-backed restoration job can do.

When it was found in a barn, Elvis' old BMW 507 was in a sad state. Its engine and gearbox were missing and it was sporting a non-factory shade of red paint. It was originally white, with the red lipstick from the kisses of fans (seriously) showing up bright on its paint. Not happy with his defaced white car, Elvis had it painted red to hide all the lipstick. If ever there was a reason to change a car’s color that was it. However, for the restoration job the factory white paint was chosen over Elvis' shade of red.

After two years of hard work by the BMW Classic Group, the 507 was recently completed in time to be shown off as the centerpiece of the 100 years of BMW celebrations last month at the renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where BMW and Elvis fans alike swooned over the rare classic.

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Klaus Kutscher, restoration expert at BMW Classic, and his team did an outstanding job with the car. Everything was returned to stock to ensure that the 507 was the exact same as the day it left the factory, well from the outside anyway. With such a limited production run, spares were virtually non-existent and so replacement parts were hand crafted, except for the motor. No spare was available so a later model 3.2-liter V8 went in. It’s close enough to original for us and thanks to the Elvis connection it should be worth more than the models that are still on the road. Even without celebrity connections BMW 507s have been known to fetch $2.5 million.