Emoji License Plates Are Now Legal

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This news makes us feel :D.

We have seen some interesting vanity plates over the years, but according to the Brisbane Times, the state of Queensland, Australia will soon let its residents add emojis to their custom plates. The news seems to have Queensland residents feeling :D as the Facebook page, PPQ Personalised Plates Queensland, has already shared a few examples of what these plates will look like.

As with most motoring-related freedoms, there are some restrictions in place about what will be allowed to go on these vanity plates. We don't think you'll see any plates with a poop emoji any time soon. The main point of adding emojis is to generate revenue and let drivers have a bit of fun in the process.

According to the rules, the plates will be allowed to have one of five emojis including the "laugh out loud," "wink," "sunglasses," "heart," and "smile" face. The emoji must also be paired with a combination of three letters and two numbers, meaning there are plenty of unique combinations you can come up with. If for example, you drove a Mercedes E63 AMG, your plate could read 'AMG63' with a sunglasses emoji.

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The plates will be available on March 1, 2019 and they will not be arriving without controversy. Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts has expressed concern about the police's ability to scan license plates. "Clearly the government is trying to sex up number plates, with a view to making more money, and I can understand that," he said. "But the purpose of number plates is for the police to be able to identify vehicles. How do you write down the emoji in your number plate after an accident?"

This being Australia, even the critics of the plates are having some fun with the idea. "There should be changeable emojis, so the face turns from a frown to a smiley depending on the driver's mood and as the traffic gets heavier it becomes angrier," Potts proposed. "I'm still a big believer in the turd. If someone is in real trouble, the smiling turd should come up."


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