End of the Road for the Honda Insight?

The car that looks like a Toyota Prius may be finished.

The Honda Insight was never a wonderful car. It was a decent hybrid for those who only require basic transportation, but at the end of the day the Toyota Prius was still the better overall hybrid. Although the Insight is returning to Honda showrooms for model year 2014, it appears there are no plans to keep it going after that. Honda is still remaining mum on the Insight’s post 2014 future, but inside sources have told Autoblog Green that so far there haven’t been any 2015 model preparations.

In the world of cars, that’s a likely a death sentence, but we doubt many of you will cry over it. The Insight was basically a cheaper alternative to the Prius, but was definitely less refined. What’s more, the Insight faced internal competition from the Civic Hybrid, which has quite a loyal following itself. In other words, the Insight was never a bad hybrid car, there were just better alternatives out there for not much more money. Honda seems to have accepted this fact, but nothing is official just yet. So in case you just have to own a new Insight, it’d be best to buy one now.

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