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End of the Road for the Mini Coupe and Roadster?

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Sales of the Mini Coupe and Roadster ain't so hot.

Although it seems like they just had their premiere, the future ain't looking too bright for both the Mini Coupe and Roadster. As we all know, the brand-new third-generation Mini Cooper will premiere very soon, most likely next month at Frankfurt. The current-gen model will soon be phased out, although the JCW variant will probably continue on for a short while until its replacement arrives. So what about the Coupe and Roadster? According to a new report, it appears that both will be replaced by a new model that "looks like a stand-alone sports car".

That car, once again, will share the standard Mini Cooper's overall front-wheel-drive architecture. However, it will likely have a unique look all its own. Perhaps the biggest criticism of the Mini Coupe in particular is its hardtop roof, which kind of sort of looks like a backwards baseball cap. The Roadster arguably is better-looking, but neither do much to generate excitement. They're also very impractical since they lack a rear seat. Word also has it that a larger five-door version of the new Mini is on its way as well as a possible sedan (really??) and even an MPV.

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