End of the Road for the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

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Perhaps one of last true 4x4s may soon bite the dust.

Although this has yet to be confirmed by Toyota, a new report is claiming that after the 2014 model year, the FJ Cruiser will officially be given the axe. AutoGuide recently checked out Toyota's fleet site and noticed the alarming news. But in all honesty, we shouldn't be all that surprised. The FJ Cruiser first went on sale in 2006 and for the first couple of years, it sold over 100,000 units in North America. That's mighty impressive for a niche vehicle that had off-road capabilities most buyers didn't even need.

As you've probably already figured out, sales of the FJ Cruiser started to seriously tank in 2008 just when the economic recession hit and gas prices went through the roof. For example, just last year Toyota sold just a little over 14,000 examples in both the US and Canada. Toyota is still keeping quiet on the fate of the FJ Cruiser for now, but we won't be shocked to see an official announcement in the near future.

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