Expensive Failures

Engine-Fire Destroys 2-Week Old 2014 Mercedes S-Class

Elderly owners escape without harm.

Like any person who's recently picked up their brand-newcar, the retired German couple that owns this two-week old Mercedes-Benz S350BlueTec must have been pretty proud to be cruising around town in their new ride.But when the car’s engine suddenly erupted in flames, the $100,000 statussymbol quickly became a fiery mess. Thankfully, the two luckily escaped withoutharm. Local business owners quickly assisted in extinguishing the fire, beforefire crews showed up on the scene.

The fire, which originated in the rear of the engine bay, isthe first reported incident of this type on the 2014 S-Class. The cause of the fire is stillunclear. The 3.0-liter V6 was completely destroyed, as was the car’ssuspension and front end. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident which won’tlead to a full recall of the model, as was the case with the recent Porsche 911GT3 engine fires.

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