Engineers Drove The Ford GT Through A Big Puddle To Confirm Its Toughness


Even the all-new Ford GT needs to be "Built Ford Tough."

Ford has not been shy about sharing the development journey of its new GT supercar. Why would the company be? Every time it releases a small shred of news on the GT the Internet goes nuts (us included). The latest crumb has come from the Ford Performance YouTube channel and shows the supercar undergoing some serious water testing. Engineers wanted to be sure that the vehicle’s systems would function properly should a driver ever need to ford a raging river/deep parking lot puddle. Spoiler alert: The GT passed with flying colors.

Actually, there may have been some damage done but we’ll never know as the video cuts after the car clears the water hazard.

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The fact that the GT was able to keep on moving through what looks like more than just a puddle is admirable given its ground clearance. In normal mode there is only 4.7 inches of ground clearance. That is cut to 2.75 inches once the ride height is dropped in performance modes. Anyone care to guess the ride height this test was conducted at?