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England Vs. Germany: Jaguar F-Type Coupe Vs. Porsche 911

Comparison / Comments

It's like WWII all over again, just without the bombing.

This is a matchup we've been waiting decades to see happen. For years Jaguar promised to build a proper E-Type successor, and it has finally delivered with the F-Type. And after we fell for the F-Type Roadster, the Coupe comes along. It was so worth the extra wait. The F-Type Coupe is quite possibly the most beautiful thing on four wheels. You may even cry in envy for those who can afford one while you're stuck dreaming.

But enough about that because what we really want to know is how the F-Type Coupe fares against what will be its chief rival, the Porsche 911. Jaguar made no secret about benchmarking the 911 for performance and handling, and if looks alone decided the winner, the F-Type we feel is the hands-down winner. But for today, let's compare the mid-level F-Type S Coupe against the 911 Carrera S. That's 375 hp vs. 345 ponies. Which would you take home? Is this even a fair fight? And is outright horsepower everything? Consider the overall package.

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