Enjoy A Detailed Look At Hyundai Ioniq 6 N In New Video

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This walkaround shows off some of the car's more track-focused upgrades.

Recently, Hyundai debuted two new concept cars. One, the N Vision 74, was a 679-hp retro track missile that totally took over everyone's social media feeds for a few days. The other was this, the RN22e, based on the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and a preview for the N version of the Ioniq 6. While the N Vision 74 will likely never exist, this is likely an upcoming model.

That's what makes an in-depth look at the RN22e worth the time. Many of the features on this car could end up working their way onto a future production car. And short of the Ioniq 5 N, this is our best look at what a track-ready EV performance car from Korea will look like.


When Hyundai debuted the car, we missed a few things like the wheels feature clear covers on them to help increase the car's drag coefficient, as well as hollowed spokes to reduce mass. The car is also running a square tire setup, logical, considering the 577-hp dual-motor AWD system the RN22e will have. We expect similar numbers from the Ioniq 6 N, as it rides on the same platform. The RN22e also gets four-pot brakes at the front with a single-piston unit at the rear.

At the front, we can see what Hyundai was talking about when it said it had optimized this car for cooling. The entire front below the headlights is open, save for some fake vents at the wheel arches. Not even concepts are immune from that, it seems. Regardless, we can also see some additional ventwork in the hood and physical mirrors instead of the cameras on the Ioniq 6.


But the rear is where the real racecar stuff happens. The car's diffuser almost touches the ground, just like in the renders. Additionally, there's a vent behind the wheel that serves to evacuate air from the rear wheel arch.

Hyundai's square motif is present throughout the car. At the front, the lights have small pixels, and the rear of the car is positively filled with them, both in the taillights and on the trim. Notably, the pixel motif also carries over to the diffuser, which is perfectly square. While the interior isn't fully done yet, we can see that the seats are nowhere to be found in the rear. We expect it to simply be a more track-focused take on the 6's interior when the Ioniq 6 N inevitably debuts.


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