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Enterprise Wants To Be Like Netflix But For Cars

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Now you can have a car, SUV, or truck whenever you want it.

Lately automakers have been looking to cater to younger buyers by offering subscription services, similar to Netflix or Hulu, but for cars. We've seen many automakers jump onboard, mostly luxury brands, offering a single subscription price to one of their vehicles or swappable access to an entire lineup of cars. Individual dealerships have even crafted their own subscription services, allowing subscribers to access vehicles from multiple brands.

It isn't just automakers and dealerships who have caught onto the subscription model, as Enterprise Holdings has just announced the launch of the car rental industry's first vehicle subscription service. You'll now be able to swap out cars from your local Enterprise location.

"The name of the game in ground transportation today is more access, more flexibility and more convenience - whether it's for an hour, a day, a week or longer," said Randal Narike, Executive Vice President of Operations for Enterprise Holdings. "We will be starting in three states, to allow sufficient time to study vehicle subscription services and consumer preferences. When it launches throughout the US, the service will be fully vetted and specifically designed to meet evolving consumer needs."

If you live in Missouri, Nevada, or Minnesota, you'll be able to subscribe to Enterprise's subscription service for $1,499 per month plus taxes and fees. The terms of the agreement require subscribers to sign up for at least two months and pay a $250 enrollment fee.

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Once enrolled, subscribers will be able to swap out cars up to four times per month and drive up to 3,000 miles per month. The package also included costs such as maintenance, roadside assistance, and damages. Enterprise hasn't listed exactly what vehicles are available as part of the program, but we doubt it includes cars from the exotic collection like the Jaguar F-Type or Porsche 911. At nearly $1,500 per month, we see this as a suitable option for businesses who need medium-term vehicles for traveling employees, but the price seems a little steep for private customers.