Enthusiasts Are Crowdfunding A Viper ACR Nurburgring Record Attempt

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Imagine the Dodge Viper ACR riding off into the sunset with the Nurburgring lap record.

The enthusiasts over at the Viper Owners Association want to ensure that the Dodge Viper goes out with a bang in 2017. The forum has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $159,000 for a Nurburgring record attempt. The money raised will be used entirely for the record run which is expected to cost between $150,000 to $200,000. Texas-based Viper dealer Viper Exchange is providing two ACR Extremes free of charge. According to the campaign the drivers will be two "internationally-known Viper drivers who consider The Ring their home track."


As of this writing a total of $51,630 has been raised in six days. That's impressive when you consider that those who donate don't exactly get anything. OK, that's not entirely true. First off, there's the satisfaction of knowing that you (potentially) were part of a grassroots effort to capture the Nurburgring crown. There are also more tangible rewards. If you donate $250 or more your name will be put on a commemorative poster. Donate $10,000 or more and you're invited to watch the attempt go down live in Germany. A date isn't set yet but April is the month being targeted. The current record holder at the Nurburgring is the Porsche 918 Spyder. Of course the Viper is not just some muscle-filled machine only capable of driving straight.

Still, running a Nurburgring lap under 06:57.00 (the 918's time) won't be easy. Back in 2010 a Viper ACR ran a 07:12.13, a time that is still good for ninth place overall. Shaving over 15 seconds off that time won't be easy, but we hope the Viper ACR gets its day on the track, if only so that we can chant U-S-A at our computer screens on some random date in April.


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