Entry-Level Bentley Coupe on its Way?

Would battle against the likes of the upcoming McLaren P13.

Bentley is very much in the expansion mode. In addition to the ongoing development of its forthcoming SUV (reportedly to be the fastest SUV ever built), the historic UK-based automaker is also looking at the possibility of reviving its long dormant coachbuilding business. That’s all fine and good, but both of those new ventures are solely for customers with serious amounts of cash. But like we said, Bentley is interested in getting even more customers, so it may not be such a bad idea to launch something entry-level.

According to Car and Driver, Bentley is exploring the business case for a potential entry-level sports coupe that would be slotted below the Continental and powered exclusively with V8 engines. In other words, there’d be no W12 offered. But perhaps that’s more than good enough; a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 placed under the hood of a smaller, more lightweight Bentley wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Remember, McLaren will soon be launching its own entry-level model, the P13. It’ll also be powered by a V8 (a twin-turbo 3.8-liter in this case), so Bentley apparently sees an emerging market segment that could be an ideal fit.

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