Entry-Level Tesla Will Be the 'Model E'

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The name was trademarked this summer, and it appears where 'S' stands for 'Sedan' and 'X' for 'crossover,' 'E' will stand for 'entry-level.'

The Tesla Model S is selling strong in the US and the first European-spec models were recently delivered, while the Model X crossover is close to production. The EV maker is also working on an entry-level sedan, which according to De Telegraaf, will be called the Model E. Tesla trademarked that name back in August, and the car is expected to be introduced in around 18 months' time. Styling will naturally be influenced by the Model S, with a range of nearly 200 miles, and if all goes well the Model E will be priced at around $35,000.

In related news, Tesla has announced Doug Field has been poached from Apple, where he was VP of Mac Hardware Engineering, and recruited as Vice President of Vehicle Programs, responsible for driving development of new vehicles. Field has been at the pinnacle of developing some of the best computers in the world, including the latest MacBook Pro. He started his career as an engineer at Ford, and has always wanted to build cars. Now he intends to fulfill his dream of building the best cars in the world.

Source Credits: telegraaf.nl

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