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Enzo Ferrari Coming to the Silver Screen?

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It's been tried before but failed to get off the ground. This time things may be different.

Back in 2004, director and occasional actor Sydney Pollack and Academy Award winning actor Al Pacino were prepping an Enzo Ferrari biopic, based off Brock Yates's 1991 book, "Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, and the Races." Sadly, Pollack died before production could get underway and Pacino moved on as well. Fortunately, an LA-based film production company is working to resurrect the project.

According to a new report from Variety, Cecchi Gori Pictures is now in advanced talks with a well-known, but still nameless, US director who's very passionate about the subject matter. The name will be revealed shortly. The script itself has been around for years, written by Troy Kennedy Martin ("The Italian Job") and David Rayfield ("Out of Africa"). At the moment, the production company is scouting filming locations, revising the script, and looking for a distributor. No specific actors have been named, but Pacino is likely no longer involved. If this report is proven to be true, we should be receiving some major updates and announcements in the near future.

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