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Going camping in style (kind of).

The camper shell is one of the most functional and underutilized automotive accessories around. This habitable accessory is normally found attached to pickup trucks, but recently it has been spotted on everything from Prii to Wranglers (with sometimes limited to moderate success). If you're interested in seeing some of the coolest camper shells around, and who isn't, then continue reading after the jump. Those may be offended, well, it certainly won't hurt to take a look.

The Jeep Action Camper is probably one of the priciest camper shells ever made. This shell is made specifically for the Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited, and features such amenities as a king-sized bed, a sink/shower and a small cooking unit. List price: $53,000.

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The "Swindon" rooftop attachment from MINI was one of the better automotive pranks to hit the web on April 1st, 2012. This small pop-up tent affixes to the rooftop of a MINI Cooper to keep you safely off the forest floor. This is one prank that some people many people might want to see become a reality. MINI, make it happen.

The city of San Francisco lost its collective "stuff" when the Prius Camper debuted at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. This habitable Prius has enough room for a small sofa and a mattress. Dollars to donuts says that Bay Area residents would eat these things up in a heartbeat.

Phoenix Campers has built the ultimate addition to the Ford SVT Raptor. This camper shell fits snugly onto the bed of the Raptor, housing a three burner stove, a double sink and a refrigerator. A queen-sized bed in the cabover section is the cherry on top. No pricing or release details have been announced. Hopefully it clocks in at somewhere less than $53,000.