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Graduate from Power Wheels to one of these extremely powerful Quads. Your inner child will be very happy.

If you were the type of kid who loved to ride around in a Power Wheels replica Jeep or Camaro, then you're going to dig all of these epic auto quads. And while many of us 'graduate' to real cars once we earn our driver's license, there's still something fun about smaller, almost toy-like vehicles. These auto quads are essentially Power Wheels for grownups and house massive engines that pump out some serious speed. If you still consider yourself a kid at heart continue reading on.

French motorcycle/automaker Lazareth somehow managed to fit an entire BMW V12 engine into its Wazuma quad. The quad's 500 horsepower engine and ground-hugging design make it the ultimate driving experience. Lazareth's beast runs off of E85 (for the environmentalists out there) and sells for a cool $283,000 (for the richers out there).

If BMWs aren't your thing, then perhaps you will dig Lazareth's other crazy auto quad. Lazareth's latest Wazuma quad has a 3.0-liter V8 Ferrari engine that outs out 250 horsepower. The Ferrari Wazuma has a six-speed manual transmission and is chunky, weighing in at 1,433 pounds. Should you decide that you need the Ferrari Wazuma in your life it can be yours for $261,000.

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Liberty Walk Japan's miniature Lamborghinis are a good alternative for those who are scared off by the beasts made by Lazareth. The mini-lambos are designed to be "super-deformed," a Japanese illustration style where characters are drawn super chubby and short. Liberty Walk Japan's mini Lambo ATVs have a super-deformed price when compared to Lazareth's and sell for $20,000.

The world of auto quads skews undeniably male, with the exception of the Mach Girl Lamborghini quad. This quad is another of the super-deformed variety and features a girly design that pays tribute to Mach Girl from Speed Racer.

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